CAST Laboratories is accredited by the SAC to be a Product Certification Body for Ready-Mixed Concrete (RMC).

As part of a push towards making buildings safer for all, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in October 2010 made it mandatory for all RMC producers in Singapore to have their Ready-Mixed Concrete (RMC) certified by SAC certification bodies.

We are among the certification bodies who can provide this service.

The RMC product certification process is rigorous and takes into account the entire production chain. First, RMC producers will need to show that they have qualified personnel to undertake the production of RMC products. Second, they will need to have a quality management system in place as well as proper documentation for processes, and storage facility for constituent materials used in the production of RMC. Finally, the RMC products including basic raw materials, will have to be sent for testing at our laboratories.

For details about our RMC certification service, you may refer to our schedule.